Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile Herbal Smoke Blend Description: Is said to produce a "feeling of joy that permeates the whole body, emanating from every cell "that is "delightfully wonderful and lasts for some time."The effect has also been described as being "quite pleasant and slightly similar to cannabis but without any body load or mental dullness."

Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile is a fantastic smoke and the best part is it can be blended with other herbs to add flavor and an euphoric effect to other smoking herbs or your favorite blends. Some customer's have reported that alcohol may enhance the effects of Blue Lotus. Ancient Egyptians used Sacred Blue Lily for it's inebriating effects. Very Potent - Inebriating Effects, Makes a great smoke similar to cannabis, but lighter. This smoke is an EXTREMELY rare and difficult to obtain. We are very excited about making this very special and rare herbal smoke available to our customers. has it all, richly aromatic, already very popular, made from the rarest most exotic herbs on the planet.


KANNA EXOTIC HERB SMOKE BLEND Description: In our never ending quest to bring you legal herbs with greats effects we are proud to offer for your consideration - Kanna, a 100% mood enlighten herb from Africa that has been found to have calming / euphoric properties on those smoke it.

Many customer's have reported after smoking Kanna, that there was a strong effect similar to Cannabis but without the dulling effects. This is a High Grade Premium Kanna. The consistency of our Kanna is more leafy so it can easily be smoked or made into a tea. The best part is our Kanna is imported direct from the grower in South Africa. It is fresh and of the highest quality available.

If your are feeling lousy, smoke 2 or 4 hits of Kanna. You will feel great in a few minutes. Effects: Relaxation, a decrease in anxiety & stress for a duration of 4 to 8 hours. Many customer's have reported after smoking Kanna, that there was a strong effect similar to Cannabis but without the dulling effects. Kanna can also be made into a tea or added to chewing gum.


Legal Wild Dagga Herbal Smoke Blend Description: Wild Dagga promotes euphoria and exuberance when smoked. It is used in South Africa as an inebriant marijuana substitute, which has caused the plant to earn its reputation as a legal form of wild "dagga" or Cannabis. It is reported that smoking this plant produces a marijuana-like effect ,only milder.

When you establish a reputation second to none, you inspire those who would like to emulate you. And when it comes to reputations, none can match that of Wild Dagga.

This is one of those rare herbs about which little needs to be said. It is a herbal smoke whose reputation alone sells it. As you might imagine, given the popularity of Wild Dagga, getting a supply of this herb is quite difficult. After all, sellers of herbal smoke the world over are clamoring for any supply they can procure, legitimate or otherwise. On Sale reduced from $39.95 for limited time.


Wild Dagga Flower the Most Potent Part of the Plant. Description: Wild Dagga Flowers are the most potent part of the plant. They can be smoked alone or mixed with other "herbs". Wild dagga flowers make a great herbal catalyst which means it enhances the effects of other plants or "herbs" used with it. Can also be made into a calming tea.

Our Wild dagga flowers are in extremely high demand because they are imported direct from a grower in South Africa and are exceptional quality. You won't find Wild dagga flowers of this quality anywhere else. Wild dagga flowers gives a much stronger effect than dried Wild dagga or Klip dagga leaves. You won't find Wild dagga flowers of this quality anywhere else.


California Poppy the mild relaxing smoke. Description: California poppy is a mild, relaxing smoke - but not that mild - do not drive after use.

With some similar alkaloids, California Poppy has the reputation of being a non-addictive alternative to the opium poppy, though it is less powerful.

If you haven't yet tried California Poppy, you owe it to yourself. The result is nothing short of spectacular - a nice relaxing smoke. California Poppy can also be made into a tea and has a mild relaxing and sedative effect.


Soma Extreme Herbal Smoke Description: SOMA is a mind-blowing "Extreme Herbal Smoke". It is similar in strength and potency of blends like our infamous Fusion that we sold. Only SOMA has its own distinct characteristics and effects. In fact it is so amazing that it is quickly becoming a returning customer favorite.

WE HAVE TO WARN YOU: SOMA is a highly developed and extremely sophisticated blend with powerful psychotropic properties and characteristics. It is all organic and guaranteed NOT to contain any synthetic chemicals.. SOMA is 100% botanically formulated from premium exotic herbs, extracts, resins and oils. Then to top it off it is enhanced with an infused Amanita Muscaria extract.

SOMA is extremely intense and offers long lasting high quality effects. Actually it is a herbal smoking blend masterpiece. Mother Nature (with a helping hand from our herbalist) has done it again. Utilizing only the "highest grade" herbs and botanicals it is an extremely potent product that will amaze you! On Sale reduced from $45.95


 Nine Legal Buds Description: First of all, do NOT smoke this if you have to anything important for the next few hours! This one is going to have you floating on air…Cloud 9 is a tranquil blend that by and large induces an astonishing soothing result because it contains St. John's Wort. Cloud 9, doesn't really cloud your mind at all - rather, it creates a wonderful calming effect that also produces meditative thought with a very slight numbing feeling.

Cloud 9 will have you feeling like your floating in a semi-daze, half sure of what the hell you were just thinking about, but still knowing that it was something deep and important! This has very sedate FX, which many customers have called a Valium-style type of feeling. On Sale reduced from $39.95


Bliss Herbal Smoke Blend On Sale! Description: Bliss is a very good "alternative", a bit harsh yet very pleasant with a mild "BLISSFUL" narcotic effect. Smoked for centuries by the Bushmen as a narcotic. Bliss's main ingredient comes direct from Africa.

Can be used as a substitute to smoking tobacco. Does Not contain JWH-073, JWH-018 other chemicals, synthetics, or addictives, Salvia Divinorum, tobacco or nicotine. Just 100% Natural herbs & Botanicals. Traditionally smoked in a pipe. Ingredients: Proprietary blend of herbs & herbal extracts. The main herb being Tarchonanthus camphoratus. Harsh to smoke, best used in a herbal vaporizer or water pipe to smoot it out. On Sale reduced from $44.95

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