Legal High Demon Smoke Blend Description: Demon Smoke Blend, In an extremely short amount of time Demon Smoke has moved to our #1 ranked USA legal herbal smoking blend. This is the blend everyone is talking about on forums all over the Internet. A unique mixture of rare and exotic herbs made from Wild dagga and Blue Lily all in one amazing smoking blend. It is being said this is one of the most potent blends in existence and has become very popular in an extremely short period of time.

Demon Smoke Blend is enhanced with the highest quality herbs and other demonically rare, exotic and highly potent herbs. Demon Smoke is exceptional to say the least, but we went one better with our blend by adding the more potent Wild Dagga to it. This blend has it all, richly aromatic, already very popular, made from the rarest most exotic herbs on the planet. A blend that has taken the herbal smoke industry by storm. Bottom line - It is an amazing smoke that will not disappoint you. Our #1 seller and returning customer's favorite!! Demon Smoke is an extraordinary visionary herb. It produces a profoundly introspective state of awareness that is useful for meditation, contemplation, psychoactive effects, sensual enhancement, demonic journeys, apparent time travel, philosophical insights, spiritual experiences. On Sale reduced from $45.95 for limited time.


Legal Highs Demon Passion Herbal Blend Description: Demon Passion Smoke Blend, enhance your sexual desires and encounters with Demon Passion. A premium herbal smoking blend that can bring your sexual arousal to a new level of an ecstatic state and stimulation. Utilized ceremoniously as an aphrodisiac sacrament within mystical observance, and enjoyed for heightened bodily, somatic consciousness, sensitivities and enchantment.

One of the best enhanced smoking blends. It is the superior herbal ingredients and the added benefit of the best ground herbs that makes Demon Passion one of the most effective. No doubt this blend is HOT - HOT - HOT!! On Sale reduced from $39.95


Legal High Demon Dream Smoke Herbal Blend Description: Demon Dream Smoke produces a mild euphoria, but without the apathy yet is 100% legal. Many of our customers have claimed to experience intense moments of lucid dreaming during which they access a vas hidden area of insight, imagery and knowledge normally unavailable during normal waking consciousness.

Controlled clinical studies have since been conducted on Calea Zacatechichi that verify this unusual dream-enhancing or "onirongenic" effect. These fragrant leaves make a very pleasing, aromatic smoke. Being smoked as cigarettes to induce "visions and clairvoyant, dream-like states in which they often perceived voices of the gods and spirits who reveal the cause of diseases, decipher the future or maybe help find lost objects. Scientifically demonstrated to increase the frequency of lucid dreams. On Sale reduced from $39.95


Dank - Is an extremely euphoric blend. Description: Dank Smoke Alternative - Is an extremely euphoric blend utilizing 100% organic herbs and all natural botanicals. Our blends do not contain tobacco, nicotine, synthetics or Salvia Divinorum so it is 100% legal in all 50 States. Dank Tastes great, is VERY smooth and has an especially fluffy appearance. This blend is a real treat for any herbal smoker. More intoxicating than Aztec Gold while maintaining it's smooth and velvety taste yet it is assertive. You'll love the FX on visuals as it enhances colors as well as having indescribable effects on everything.

Astonishingly effective marijuana smoking alternative, the aroma of Dank is a complex sweet room fragrance that you will find very enjoyable. Some customers have said this is like a mild version of Spice, which is a definitely not a bad thing! On Sale reduced from $55.95 - 1 oz


Nitro is extremely potent and effective smoke Description: There is a whole new generation of legal high potent herb smoke lately that has been taking the market by storm called "Extreme Smoke Alternative". These new blends are unlike any other U.S. herbal smoking blends that are currently being offered by our competitors. Nitro is extremely high potent, legal and effective alternative, it is the strongest smoke shop legal bud and one of our returning customers favorite herbal smoke alternative!

Nitro rivals almost all U.S. competitors' blends except Fusion at any price! You will be blown away by this ultra potent blend. It will astonish the most experienced smokers. Nitro offers an intoxicating, numbing effect that is a super powerful, long lasting, stimulating and highly-flavored smoke. Includes a particularly potent combination of proprietary all organic, 100% natural, non synthetic, botanically formulated premium exotic herbs. On Sale reduced from $49.95 - 1/2 oz


An organic blend of potent psychotropic herbs Description: An organic blend of many potent psychotropic herbs. Sativah contains herbs in concentration known to promote incredibly vivid dreams and inspire the imagination. New users should smoke one bowl three days in a row to acclimate themselves to Sativah.

Sativah is a very relaxing legal herbal blend; as such it makes a great way to relax at the end of hard day at work or an alternative to illegal or harmful substances such as marijuana and tobacco. Sativah is a highly recommended herbal blend with a very high customer satisfaction rate. FX is smooth and settling. High quality legal smoke where you can relax and take in your surroundings. You just want to ease back into a reclining chair and observe life slowly going by around you.


Herbal WHOA Herbal Smoke Blend Description: When the manufacturer asked a bunch of their current customer's to test a new exotic herbal smoke they were considering on marketing they asked this test group to describe the effects of the smoke and at the same time asked for one word that would best describe the smoke or their experience.

When the answers were tallied on their then unnamed herbal smoke, the first thing that was described to them was the overwhelming feeling or effects that the smoke delivered. Most testers comments was "Whoooooa!" so since the reaction to the test was so awesome and WHOA! was the words they heard the most when people first tried the smoke. It was decided to name this magnificent smoke Herbal WHOA!


Sedona Gold Herbal Incense Blend - 100% legal alternative Description: The original Sedona Gold herbal smoking blend is legendary and considered among the top quality "fortified and enhanced" herbal smokes on the market.

Sedona Gold offers a mild to medium bodied smoke with a very smooth and subtle flavor that has been its hallmark since its introduction. The FX are strong! Being one of the truly great herbal smoking blends, the demand for Sedona Gold continues year after year.


Aztec Gold Herbal Smoke Blend - 100% legal alternative Description: Aztec Gold is a 100% legal alternative, which utilizes the lightest, fluffiest herbal smoke you'll ever see. This is one smoke that competes head-to-head with the world's best herbal smoke.

It is absolutely exceptional and has a refined herbal aroma that is pleasant and exciting. A phenomenal blend, that is intensely agreeable, and not at all harsh - a very light, ultra mellow, smoke with a sweet flavor and aroma. Our customers simply can't stop raving about Aztec Gold. It has been "Voted" the Best of the Best 100% legal smoke by return customers since July 2002 and remained our number one herbal smoke until Nitro bumped it out June, 2008 On Sale reduced from $37.95 for limited time.


Aztec Temple Herbal Smoke Description: An extremely popular smoke that was rediscovered in the 70's. Since then many variations of this smoke have been sold. This is a pure organic and time tested smoke similar to a mild opium and produces a mild euphoria. Euphoria is similar to a dreamy, spaced out effect.

Aztec Temple Smoke is an exemplary tribute to what an herbal smoke should be. Aztec Temple Discover the difference! This gear is in full effect almost immediately on the first exhale! Makes for a real Super-Herb. Make sure you are in a comfy surroundings with lots of experienced smokers to enjoy this one; it'll entice you in with it's flavor, then really do your head in with its strength! The FX are certainly strong, Discover the difference! On Sale reduced from $32.95


Enjoyed by The Aztecs and still used today by Mexican Shamans Description: Enjoyed by The Aztecs and still used today by Mexican Shamans. This is a fantastically relaxing and enjoyable herbal smoke. Very much like "other" local herbs you may now be enjoying but it's 100% Legal Smoke Alternative! Aztec Midnight Wind traditionally invokes a state of mental relaxation, increased memory, and auditory hallucinations. Another quality of this smoke is it distorts time & space perception. Definitely one you don't want to miss trying.

Aztec Midnight Wind traditionally invokes a state of mental relaxation, and memory, in fact some customers have reported that sounds seem to come distorted from a great distance. Many even said they saw a golden (sun like) aura or glow around people which is why it is also known as the "Sun-Opener" On Sale reduced from $34.95


Aztec Dream Smoke Description: Aztec Dream Smoke produces a mild like euphoria. Customers have claimed to experience intense moments of lucid dreaming during which they access a vas hidden area of insight, imagery and knowledge normally unavailable during normal waking consciousness. These fragrant leaves make a very pleasing, aromatic smoke. Aztec Dream Smoke produces euphoria and a feeling of well-being that can continue for one or more days. Can also be made into a tea. On Sale reduced from $34.95

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